888casinoThis 888 casino game app is something else. Not only did it give me a somehow real time experience like I am actually playing inside a real casino, it provides a for-fun mode so new players who are still new to the games can test it out, understand how it works and give a worry free experience without losing real money.

I always tend to check things out before going for the real thing. This app has some new content from time to time and given that the graphics displayed feature images of real people rather than cartoon avatars, I would say it just feels like playing in a real casino.

But from my smart phone ;).


While I have to admit casino games can get boring since their game play is more or less the same, the games at 888 Casino app gives out something new from time to time to keep players hooked on it.

New players will also get the chance to test drive the app and play for real right away without depositing too much of your own money at first. They have a fantastic Double your Money Promotion for new users where your deposit will be doubled up to €280.

888 Casino itself has entertained more than 25 million players in over 15 years of innovative, award winning gaming. That says quite a lot on where they stand in the casino industry. Check out their iOS online casino games app!

What’s New in Version 1.6.8
New games are now available Café de Paris, Subtopia, Mythic Mayden, Lucky Angler, Fruit Shop, Disco Spins, Fisticuffs, Elm St’, Jungle Goals, Mafia Madness.

Also, the game Roulette Touch was removed and replaced it with the great 888 Roulette game.

Many online poker players have been searching for years to find quality sites that support Mac users. Poker.ca provides all the latest tips.

I’m constantly running into fellow online poker players who struggle to find quality sites that cater to people who use a Mac. It’s not that there aren’t options out there – there are plenty of sites that offer minimal support for those of us with Apple computers, but it can hardly be compared to the experience enjoyed by people using a PC.

It wasn’t until I came across an online poker resource called Poker.ca that I was able to get some great advice on playing online poker from a Mac. According to Poker.ca, the sites with the most enjoyable options for Mac users are without a doubt Party Poker, 888 Poker and Bwin Poker.

After following up on their research, I’m happy to report that they definitely know what they’re talking about – these online poker sites really provide the best available experience for online poker players who prefer not to use a PC.

No matter what your reason may be for using a Mac computer – whether you prefer the aesthetics of the Apple brand, you need it for the work you do, or you simply aren’t a fan of Windows, it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your ability to play high-quality online poker.

Which site is the best place to learn Poker, what it is all about, learning the rules of the game and know tips and strategies to win? In my opinion, there really is no best site but there are good sites that offer resources to help newbies and experienced players alike.

Consider the fact that there are so many sites in the Internet today that offer resources on poker rules and you may have no idea where to start. Let me recommend you one good site instead to save you the hassle of wasting your time scouring the world wide web just to look for one.

Poker Stars is a good place to start. And I mean, really good! The site is a haven for everything Poker! From softwares, resources and the opportunity to play against the best Poker players around the world, it is all here! And the best thing about these resources is that they are free.

Learning how to play the game is first and foremost the most important thing one must do in order to enjoy playing the game. You certainly cannot experience the fun and excitement if you do not know what you are up against. And certainly no fun if you keep on losing because you typically have no idea what you are playing.

Once you have read articles and posts, you can download their software to play for free. This is the one reason why online casinos are advantageous because newbies can easily play Poker games without the worries of losing real money. Poker Stars does not include any hitches when players play for fun.

When you feel you are ready to play for real, then you can use the same software to deposit real money and play against other Poker players from around the world. With so many Poker tournaments going on at once, there simply is a slot for every player in their network.

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