pvz2It is about time indeed! I was very happy when news of Plants VS Zombies 2 came out. I mean, how many years has it been? I thought Popcap would have never made another sequel for this hit game.

The game is just loaded with so many levels and variety that this game will definitely keep you glued for so long. Players get to see more of the same plants from the first one and some new ones this time around.

While this game is free, the game features in-app purchasing for those who cannot wait to earn gold, stars, keys and new plants and of course new enemies. Sad to say, you cannot have any chance in getting a snow pea plant yourself. This is by far the strongest plant, not counting the snow watermelon plant but this one is expensive so the snow pea is economical, yet powerful.

You will have to buy that and those other plants that cannot be obtained by playing the game except buying them. It does not mean you cannot enjoy the whole game for free. You can! But for PopCap, it also gives them an opportunity to boost profits from players who want to get bonuses outright.


The game can really keep you occupied for days or months. After you clear a level, you can replay that same level according to certain conditions in order to get a stars. You can play the same level as much as you want even you already have 3 stars in each of them.

Keys are also another new feature in the game where unlocking them can earn you upgrades or new plants to use.


The game is really simply to understand and can get you started right away. The key here is to choose the right plants to help you in every level. Plus a few cheat powers that require gold like extra lightning, flipping zombies out of the screen and a few others, all while using your fingers.

Even though if this was a paid app, it still is one helluva worth it app. And the fact that this is free all the more made it better.

Go get this app. Explore the various worlds in the game. It is time to plant!

I have to admit, when I first saw this in desktop PCs I was not impressed. When I played it in my iTouch, I realized how enjoyable this game is. I was not able to write a review on it after finishing the game in my iTouch but I am doing it now after I recently finished playing it in my Android phone.

The game features a horizontal tower defense type of game pitting plants versus zombies. Stem a zombie attack,  soil your plants  and finish them all off. In your defense is an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants.

Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to slow down, confuse, weaken and mulchify 26 types of zombies before they can reach your front door.

Using the right plants can help you finish the game. They even have a night feature when mushrooms are awake. Thankfully, Popcap ported a high resolution version for my Samsung Galaxy S2. I did not waste time installing the game right away.

Each zombie has its own special skills, so you’ll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all. It takes strategy to finish a level. And maybe a little luck if all else fails.

bookwormAfter straying on a link that I was searching a different topic for, I stumbled upon news that Bookworm is now available for the iTouch. Say what?! Whoa! I was pretty excited when I read the title of the link. I immediately browsed the link and read the article and eventually installed it in my iTouch. Why not. This is after all, one of my favorite games and Popcap finally gave fans of Bookworm a reason to enjoy their classic PC game in our iTouch. I will not talk about details how this is played and others since, basically, this game bears the same resemblance to the PC game although instead of mousing clicking the blocks of letters, you tap it instead. The graphics is the same and cute. I just love that adorable nerdy worm haha.

For those of you who have not tried out Bookworm and since there is no Lite version of it available in the App Store, you can try downloading a demo version of its PC game so you can find out what it is all about and how it is played. Hey, I guarantee you will enjoy this game pretty much. While there are other games like Bookworm out there, I am not saying they are bad, they are also good. But the aura and appeal of Bookworm for me, still lives even after it was ported to the iTouch and remains the king. Now, here is hoping Popcap will port Insaniquarium, 7 Seas and Mummy Maze.

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