Sad to say, there is no way within Google Chrome to block Flash ads in part because there is no plugin feature in the browser itself. For now, the only way to make this happen is to use some third-party software application that will handle the blocking.

I use Privoxy and it is a very small lightweight program that needs to run all the time in order for Flash ads to be blocked. This is because all websites that you surf will have to pass through Privoxy. The good thing about this is that this proxy does not cache your web surfs.

First things first. Search in Google for Privoxy. It is located in the SourceForge website. Follow these steps:

  • Go to options > Under The Hood > under Network settings click Change proxy settings button.
  • In Internet Properties window choose “LAN settings”
  • Check proxy server LAN settings and in the address setting address: and port: 8118
  • Make sure “Bypass proxy for local settings” is checked.
  • Click “Ok” and then “Apply”.
  • Restart Google Chrome browser

Simple right? Now you do not have to worry about seeing unnecessary Flash ads in your browser.

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