When I searched in Google on how to get the current location in Android, I came across  the page in Android’s documentation about connecting to Google Play Services and initializing it.

I found out this was really not needed. If I could get the location without having to use this, all the better right?

User MrJre from the StackOverflow forum provided this very handy, useful, clean and non-Google Play Services type of code.

All you need are some broadcasters, receivers and listeners. This is how I did using some of his code. The code will try to get locations through GPS or WI-FI in case one or the other fails.

First off, place this code in a class.

Then create a broadcast class that will fire events to all listeners when a location has been found.

Next, create a listener for use in any Activity that may use location tracking.

All classes are now in place. The next thing to do is to implement the listener to your Activity.

In the onCreate() method, the fetchLocation() method is called and once a location is found, the broadcaster will fire the gotLocation() method to all listeners and return a Location object.

That’s it! And without having to use Google Play Services to get a location object.

broadbandIt is a known fact that there are many broadband providers operating in the Internet  today. So the question users ask themselves is,” which provider should I choose?”.

The important thing you should do is to compare broadband deals. Comparison websites are commonplace these days. These portals contain reviews about the numerous different Internet service providers that are operating throughout the counties of the UK,as well as the various deals and discounts that they are currently offering.

New and existing customers alike can learn something about the broadband providers that are available. For those who are not technically inclined and do not want to go through those mumbo jumbo terms to be able to understand, grasp and get an idea on which deals are best suited according to their preferences, there are tools that can help you with that.

It does not matter what type of service you are looking for. It could be for your home, your work or even for when you are mobile; in each case there is a wealth of information in these review sites that you can read and learn from to get the best online service.

Check out the link above to start with.  Simply enter the postal code checker to find out what services are available in your area. Although the internet is widely accessible nowadays, not every provider is present in every area so that should help get you started.

As times have moved on, it has become essential for individuals and businesses alike to have a strong online presence. Social networks provide a good start for many, however in order to market a particular product or service or get your work noticed, an individual website is necessary.

With the vast number of website hosting companies available on the internet, it can be hard to know where to start, especially when you have to match service to cost. If you choose 1&1 as a website hoster you can expect to receive the best possible service to create a successful and cost effective website.

Here’s a review.



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Different individual needs require a different approach to website hosting but with a range of both Windows and Linux hosting packages available, 1&1 can accommodate any demand. They offer Starter, Standard, Unlimited and Business packages all of which include unlimited monthly bandwidth ensuring a secure flow of traffic.

When choosing a website hosting plan, there are many different things to consider but three of the most important aspects to understand are storage, bandwidth and security.


Storage is one of the key requirements to consider when choosing a web hosting service. Storage space is the volume of hard-disk space a website takes up on a web server. Because different websites have different storage needs, 1&1 offers a variety of different packages.

For example, an individual wanting to use the space to host a blog with simple text and images will require far less storage than a business needing an online gallery or portfolio with perhaps hundreds of high resolution photographs. 1&1 offers between 1GB and 50GB of storage space with the option of increasing this space over time should your needs change. Adding more space later on won’t affect the operational quality of your website.


It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you’re getting from each different website hosting package with the amount of different technical terms involved. A lot of companies have different bandwidth options in their packages, but what exactly is bandwidth?

Quite simply, it is the quantity of traffic that is allowed to pass between a website and the rest of the internet. Some websites may only have a few visitors but many see a lot of traffic each day and so it is important to choose a hosting company who can cope with a high volume of traffic.

Many companies put limits on bandwidth and will charge extra if this limit is exceeded meaning that you and your customers or site visitors do not receive the best service. 1&1 has worked to provide excellent network connections to enable us to offer our unlimited bandwidth service so that our customers can expect a constant and reliable flow of traffic to and from their websites.


An increasing number of websites now ask users to provide them with personal information of some kind and it is very important to protect this sensitive data. Hackers are constantly trying to attack websites who offer online services to gather personal information about customers which they can then either use themselves or sell on to other illegal organizations.

1&1 prides itself on being able to offer a web hosting service that ensures that their servers and customers are protected from all security threats. When you sign up to a web hosting service you place your trust in that company and we have a policy to make sure that this trust is never broken. Our expertise in server management means we are able to prevent hackers from compromising our service and solve any newly arising security threats.

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