Got this one from Tom’s Hardware.

A European PS3 owner has claimed a partial refund because of Sony’s decision to axe Linux support.

When Tom’s Hardware reported that Sony would be ditching OtherOS support, killing off the ability to run Linux on your console, a lot of PS3 users suggested that this could not be legal. What about people who purchased the PS3 with this feature in mind? Wouldn’t taking it away mean the console no longer performed as advertised?

Well, that’s what one European user said when he complained to Amazon. PlayStation University reports that NeoGAF forum moderator “iapetus” received over $100 in credit from Amazon for his original purchase of his PlayStation 3. Iapetus filed a complaint with the etailer on the grounds that removing Linux support violates European Union consumer laws. Amended in 2002 to affect all EU member states, the law states that all goods “must be fit for the purpose which the consumer requires them and which was made known to the seller at the time of purchase.”

PlayStation University reports that because Sony made it known at the time of purchase that you would be able to install an ‘Other OS’ the owner was able to raise this issue with Amazon. Amazon’s policy was to offer a partial refund whether the consumer had used that feature or not.

It’s not yet clear if Amazon has awarded other PS3 owners similar rebates, or even if anyone else has tried to get a refund.

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