I have never played any Transformers game in the PSP so when I chanced upon Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen based on the hit movie, I was overly excited to download and try it out. This third-person run-and-gun shooter game is bad … and boring.

You cannot transform at will, only when you activate your special powerup move will your character be able to transform. Then you will have to watch a few seconds worth of action scene from that powerup before your character transforms back to robot mode and that’s it. You cannot manually control your chosen robot at will to transform to vehicle and back. Plus, I was pissed when I played the Demolisher character of the Decepticons. This character suddenly turns itself 180 degrees even when I did not do anything to make it turn around. Add the game’s unwieldy character movement control and this game totally sucks.

While the game follows the movie’s plot and storyline, the fact that you have to switch between Autobot and Decepticon campaign after almost every mission is accomplished is annoying. It has been only a few levels that I played this game and I totally lost my appetite for it. Transformers fans may not care what the game offers but this is a disappointing game.

Time to surf for cheat codes so I can finish this game up and go on to the next game …

rivalswordsPrince of Persia: Rival Swords for PSP is the conclusion of the Sands of Time trilogy, but the homecoming has not gone down according to the Prince’s plan. Instead of a sedate life spent getting fat and carousing with the Empress of Time, he finds Babylon burning and going from place to place through acrobatic moves.

Yep, I said acrobatic because instead of having many sword fights against grunts and bosses, even at the start of the game, you would already be doing many jumps from pole to pole. It does not even help that when your character dies from a high fall, you would go back to the beginning where you last saved so make sure you always drink on the fountain to save your progress.

I probably have not reached the middle part of the game yet but I decided to write about this game because of the frustration that so far while playing this, it has mostly been jumping from pole to pole. The only positive with this game is the assassin feature where you creep up your enemies from behind and do some cool assassin moves. The graphics seem to be scaled back but still good.

I may be frustrated with the acrobats but I guess I still am going to finish the game with the mindset of the challenge to finish it.

psp_goHere is the new Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) model called PSP Go. It has a slide out gamepad, 16gb internal storage, bluetooth and a memory slot. Not that I am sour graping or something but I do not like the design. The moving joystick is misplaced. I would be pretty uncomfortable playing this one while using the moving joystick and pressing the shoot buttons using my other hand. They should have placed it on the far left. That would make using it easier. The 16gb internal storage memory is neat though. This can tempt an enough number of existing PSP users to get the new one.

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