click_adsI read the open letter that a so called ex-Google Employee divulged to the public accusing Google of banning hundreds of web publishers from its AdSense advertising system.

Some say it could be a disgruntled publisher that got banned. However, after reading the article, there were some points that I had to agree.

I won’t deny I got banned at first by clicking on the ads myself. However, my wife opened up one of her own and there was even no self-clicking that happened. This thing they call click-bombing wherein someone else, perhaps a competitor or just someone who wants to ruin the publisher for no reason at all starts clicking the ads on websites.

Naturally, AdSense will see it as an illegal move, hence the ban. That was what happened to my wife’s account¬†and it seems that until this day, Google still has not done anything to solve this kind of problem.

Oh, and do not waste your time trying to email to appeal because they never reply back which holds true based on the expose that was shown to the public.

The accusations could be possible.¬†But of course the accused will always deny. There are many AdSense publishers who are angry because of this expose. They just hope it ain’t true.

Have you read it? If not, read it here and let me know what you think.

When Twitter started with their new authentication feature called oAuth, most WordPress Twitter plugins did not work anymore. So authors scrambled to update their plugins to coincide with Twitter’s new oAuth. However, a lot of those plugins either did not work or had problems with regards to its shortening URL feature.

I probably tried 8 different WordPress plugins to no avail. Either they did not work or when a new tweet is posted, there was no URL included. After so many attempts at finding the right plugin, I came to a halt when I activated Twitter Publisher.

No hassle configuration. Straight, on the fly installation and use. Anyone looking for a WordPress Twitter plugin to post tweets whenever new or updated posts are published should check out Twitter Publisher. I heavily recommend this!

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