Okay. So why did I call this lame? The RAM damn it! I was hoping they would boost it up to 1GB right away. Just because the iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM does not mean they had to lower the specs of the gaming device.

I mean, if that is so, why the hell did they jump the camera specs to 5MP? That is their decision, true. And my decision is I ain’t going to get this 5th generation iTouch because of the RAM issue.

If this was 1GB, I would definitely have bought one right away. But upon finding out that it only has 512MB of memory, screw Apple. I ain’t wasting my money on this one.

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Upgrading your computer is not really that hard. You may think that only techies are the ones who can tweak computers without worries and with confidence.

I am a techie but I started out not as one and I actually tweaked my own desktop when I wanted to upgrade its RAM and hard drive. It was not hard. The wires may fool you into thinking upgrading computers is complex but it is not.

There are a ton of video tutorials too if you want some spoon feeding visuals to help you out just in case you still feel nervous about doing it yourself without any experience yet.

I recently used a system scanner that detects computer performance identifying the existing RAM that your computer has and provides a listing of recommendations how much memory is applicable to you.

There were many recommendations given to me which is hardly surprising since my current computer specs suck at 2GB of RAM. Probably a 4GB or 8GB would surely boost my computer’s performance.

And price is really not a problem because memory sticks are not very expensive. See the screenshot of my system scan showing that my PC has only 2GB of RAM.

The scanner came from Crucial.com and there are also a ton of other video assets to help you out, which are fairly easy to understand even for a non techie.

Even old computers can have their lives extended. That is, if you add the right specs to it. Check out Crucial’s system scanner to see what computer parts you may need to upgrade in order to have your computer keep up to speed running the latest softwares.

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I still have not gotten myself a Samsung Galxy S2. I know someone who does and he told me that the S2’s purported 1GB RAM is not wholly technically true. Physically, it does contain that 1GB RAM but only 837MB of it is used by Android. The rest is used for its graphics.

While there may be nothing wrong with it, it pisses me to know that they set it up like this. Memory RAM should not be used to compensate the RAM for its graphics. It should have its own RAM.

Do you like the Samsung Galaxy S2? Will this stop you from getting one? Performance wise, there still should be no problem with it but I guess for me not seeing the exact information as it is advertised relates to a consumer being robbed of what the product advertised should be having.

What do you think?

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