In line with Google’s announcement that a site’s ranking will greatly be affected if the blog template used is not mobile ready, I had no choice but to adapt to the new requirement.

I bid farewell to my MagOnWoord WordPress theme and chose to use the Flat WordPress theme as my new one.

It looks cleaner, more spacious and yes, I decided to place a logo for this blog since the feature can easily be set and/or removed.

I hope there won’t be requirements in the future anymore that may affect this blog and force me to change it again. Changing themes ain’t easy. Not when I maintain 5 blogs in total.

Then again, the Internet evolves quickly. So who knows. For now, this will be my blog’s permanent WordPress theme.

black-hatThe obvious answer is no. This is Google’s domain in the first place. And it is not like people are paying a subscription for it or something. If bloggers do not like how Google is managing its search engine rankings by penalizing those selling links, then they should stay out of it.

I do not like what Google is doing either because it hurts my monetizing chances at earning something while doing what I enjoy: blogging.

However, Google can do whatever they want. It is like in a chatroom. If an officer and owner of a chatroom is abusive and kicks every other chatter out of the channel, what can they do? It is the kicker’s room after all. If they do not like it, then they stay out of it.

I think that situation is the same way as to how Google handles black hat SEO.

The frustration against Google is simply that bloggers cannot make any more money from services like paid posts and/or paid text links.

Yes, the era of paid posts and paid links is coming to an end soon. The only thing left for bloggers now is to make the most of it while some of those services are still operational.

Google recently had been implementing penalties for sites that use black hat techniques so what if left for them to really salvage their site’s reputation is to apply white hat seo practices to ensure their site can get top rankings in search results.

Now, the issue here is there are so many services that offer SEO packages so the question one encounters is which one should you choose?

The answer lies in your budget and how well known the people who will be doing the SEO is in the tech industry. Nobody wants to hire people who do not give the desired results.

For starters, you can check out Top Net SEO, a Rochester SEO agency that offers services to every kind business, having experience working in international markets from all over the world.

Whether you are starting a new brand or already have an established online business, they can help push your traffic to the next level.

If something does not seem to be working out with your online venture, you can easily contact them as soon as possible and they will find a solution tailored specifically to help get your business out of the red. That is how accessible they are when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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