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The PressReader App provides an authentic reading experience in a digital format, providing access to thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world on personal computers, smartphones, tablets and eReaders.

This app provides convenience for people who wish to read articles and news updates using one medium and separates articles into specific categories so that users can easily navigate to articles of interest.

Flip pages just as you would in-print but without the hassle of doing so like you do with large newspapers. Zoom into to pages if you wish to get a clearer view. Search across titles and choose which ones you want to download and even listen to publications using on-demand audio.

So many features in one app.

While traditional newspapers may not be totally out of the count, slowly but surely people have gone digital and for me, I think it is more convenient to read them in my 7″ tablet than opening up a huge newspaper and stretching my arms to flip them page by page.

If i want to look for something, technical features enable me to find what I am looking for rather than having to scour the entire paperback newspaper.

There are not that many apps out there that provides different kinds of publications and news articles in one medium. PressReader does exactly just that.

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This was annoying. The Sencha Touch documentation is really bad. I wanted to display data through XML instead of their preferred JSON option. Sure, it is possible but what the samples and even those in the forums failed to show is the one thing that will make it work.

The solution is the keyword mapping in a model class.

The field names are different than the tag names in the XML where case sensitivity is the factor. If your XML looks like this …

And in your model class your field name is specified as

Then when you load the XML data into the store’s reader, the field values will always return null.

In order for this to work, you will have to include the mapping attribute in the model class and declare the XML tag there (see code below).

I hope this post helped you!

I was disappointed when I tried to view my house plan using Adobe PDF Reader in my Android phone because now all details were displayed. There were lines on the side that were hidden. Considering that Adobe made the PDF format quite famous, one would think there would be no problems loading them.

In the iOS, it is ok but in Android it does not. So I had to look for other alternatives. ezPDF Reader while not free actually displayed every detail of the PDF file that I wanted to look into. So now, this is my official PDF reader app for my Android device.

If you think Adobe’s PDF Reader app displays some of your PDF files, you will come to a point where one of your PDF files does not get displayed correctly. There is a reason why some apps are paid and that is because they offer more powerful features than what a free app can give.

I give ezPDF Reader a thumbs up.

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