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I can relate well to this because it is this same software that I actually use in my PC. I have to say that the Vipre installation process was very easy when I first started. Click a few buttons here and there and voila!

Vipre Anti virus software is seamlessly running in my PC.


The best thing I like about this is the fact that this anti virus software is not a resource hog. Maybe it is because both anti apyware and anti malware features are incorporated into this software as one rather than having them as separate modules that can typically slow down your system.

I remember those Norton anti virus softwares that I used to stay loyal to. Well, guess what?! I am not using them anymore. It has been Vipre anti virus ever since!

Really. I have been happy with Vipre’s performance so far. Not slowing down my PC is very important because my resources are limited. Having an anti virus software is equally important too because you never know when a virus can hit you.

It is better to be safe than sorry, right?

As we stay online often times it is an utmost requirement that real time protection should be running to protect our PCs in case we make one mistakenly bad action that can result in a virus infection. Vipre covers real time protection very well, and more.

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