Most people want to do everything possible to drive safely. There are times when safety is even more important than usual. During the holidays when traffic is at a year round high, on snowy winter roads and at night when it is difficult to see properly are all times when it is more difficult to drive safely. You will want to be particularly careful during these times and follow some additional safety tips.

Slowing down may not help you arrive at your destination on time but it can help prevent accidents when the roads are covered with ice, snow or rain. If you know that inclement weather is coming, try leaving home beforehand to reduce the amount of time spent on slick roads. Most experts recommend avoiding travel when there is ice present unless it is an absolute necessity. You may want to consider renting a hotel room near your place of employment if you live more than a few miles away and your workplace doesn’t have a weather policy in place to allow you to miss work as needed.

You should also slow down when you are driving at night. Some studies have shown the people tend to drive faster than usual when it is dark or foggy outside because it is difficult to register how fast you are going when you can’t spot landmarks along the road. You can also consider using special tools to assist you in driving safely after dark. For instance, rear view mirror dimmers work to reduce glare from traffic and allow you to see the road clearly. You can find auto dimming rear view mirrors online.

Allowing yourself more time can ensure you arrive at your destination without delay when there is a lot of traffic. You should note local events such as festivals or sports events to determine how much traffic will be on the road. The holidays are one time of year when it is common to be delayed by traffic. Leave home about a half-hour earlier than usual to keep frustration and rushing to a minimum. You can arrive on time and stress free when you plan ahead and follow some simple safety tips.

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