If you plan to just throw your phone away or give it to someone else just so it won’t go to waste, think again. You can get a little cash for it instead. sell cell is an online portal which is a part of SellMyMobile in the United Kingdom that will launch this coming December in the United States wherein people wanting to sell their mobile phones can compare buyer offers and deals in just one site.

The phone buyers include some of the well known recycling companies like Boot, Top Dollar Mobile, fonebank, Mobile Phone Change, RPC Recycle, Mazuma and many, many more  so do not just discard your old phones. You can instead get cash for it rather than nothing at all.

You will also be helping the environment as these phone buyers will definitely recycle them. Many people still have no idea how harmful unused devices being thrown to garbage dumps are to the environment. You help the environment, you get paid in return. A win-win situation for you!

The user interface of the site is very easy to use. Look for a phone like yours by searching for it, get a list of buyers, compare, and click the sell button! You will then be redirected to the buyer’s page. The rest, is as easy as 1-2-3, just follow the instructions. If your phone is still in good working condition, you get paid more. And do not worry about prices. They never get outdated because SellCell will check it everyday so surfers will always get the latest prices.

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