Kickstarter is really a haven of new ideas. My first pledge was of the Muku Shuttr. After I watched the video, I knew I had to get one.

Muku Shuttr is the world’s slimmest remote camera control that is compatible for the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S4/S3, Notes 2, LG Nexus 4. No app is needed to use this. Only bluetooth is required.

Other new phones may be on the works so this remote control can be compatible.

So what use can the Muku Shuttr give you? Doing selfie shots for example. You can just place the camera in front of you and do the pose that you want without the hassle of having to extend your arm just to take a good shot of yourself.

Muku Shuttr is designed to solve all these problem by resting in your keychain and allow you to take photo with yourself, your friends and your kids anytime you want.

Taking photos using the remote control is not just its only use. You can use it as a Powerpoint remote. Just pair up with you computer (Mac / Windows), switch the Shuttr to Android mode. And it works right the way.

This project had already been funded so if you want to get one yourself, you will have to go to their official site and purchase it there.

Here is my actual Muku Shuttr that I just received. It worked great when I tested it on a Samsung Galaxy S3 but this will be used by my wife’s iPhone device. The remote certainly worked well. It can even control the zoom in and zoom out features of the camera.

Make sure you place the back stand of your camera at the right place so you can get the perfect angle when you place your smartphone on any surface. Once everything is in place, let your trigger happy fingers do their thing ;).

yamaha_neohdGone will be the days when you have different brands of gadgets and devices that are accompanied with remote controls different from one another. With lots of buttons available to press, most of them are useless. I usually have use for only the basic functions. Worse, because there are so many of them, I tend to use the controller device itself rather than the remote control.

These DVD player remote controls we have at home are proof of what I am talking aobut. They are rarely used. Now you know my frustration.
Yamaha launched a new product called NeoHD where you can use different devices like DVD players, HDTV screens, iPods, game consoles, USB, internet radio and Applet TV among others through a media controller. The user friendliness of the remote control is what makes it intuitive because it has only a few buttons that does most of what people need. Better yet, its graphical user screen interface list is clean and simple where you can watch videos, listen to audio and play games.

Yamaha’s NeoHD can also display popup menus and a virtual remote control on the bottom of the screen. The popup menu items provide quick access to a variety of functions. The virtual remote control meanwhile makes it easier to control your connected components.

You know what is great? You can have the chance to win your very own Yamaha neoHD. Just visit and search for the Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes . You can also find them in Facebook. So, what do you think of NeoHD? A single and easy to use interface that can control your entire entertainment system, it is the ultimate total convenience!


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