Back then the solution was not very easy for noobs. However, someone gave everybody a gift and created a script installer that can both remove and/or restore the Mac AppStore back to one’s system. The script was created because of them, they categorized the Mac AppStore as a trojan, which had installed by 10.6.6 update without any user allowance.

Why did they think this is a trojan?

“Trojan (trojan horse) – a malicious program penetrating the computer user under the innocuous appearance or in the form of program in any meaningful functionality and brings harm. This may be a transfer of the creator of the Trojan private information like credit card numbers, or the ability to remotely control the infected machine. ”
I.E. Apple CAN DO ANYTHING with your computer – gathering information of you and about applications installed, settings of your Mac etc.

Second, Apple gets the opportunity to block pirated software or pirated version of Mac Os. Likewise, many analysts believe it would be desirable that the only way to get a Mac-app was Mac App Store, the authors of applications are virtually under Apple total control.

Anyway, go search in Google with the keywords App Store Remover or App Store Restorer v1.0 and you will find the link to get those installer scripts. This should be useful for users who do not want the AppStore in their system.

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