Well, I said in some ways because I am not sure if other services of Google are not like the one I am currently having a problem with.

A week ago, I received an email that they auto-renewed the domain that I registered. I had totally forgotten about that domain because I barely used it. I was not even expecting that the default setting in their web console for managing the domain for auto renewal was set to true.

So anyway, I called up my credit card company and they said the only way to waive the transaction is to call up the merchant.

Then I started sifting through Google’s help pages only to find out there is no way to contact customer support.

I mean, what the hell?! They put up a Contact link only to be diverted to useless pages where you have to read and read and read on possible solutions but not even 1 link that redirects me to a form so I could voice my complaint and have them cancel the auto renewal transaction.

Well, guess I just have to live with it. To be on the safe side, I deleted my credit card information in my Google Wallet account. That way, I won’t be screwed up with their unbeknownst to me default settings. If I want to buy something, then I will add my credit card information and delete it right away after the transaction.

Google screws customers in some ways and can never be trusted

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