Well, the truth is, there is no one step way to do this. This is what users tend to do:

  • Extract the Jar file
  • Delete the Jar file
  • Run the Jar command to re-create the Jar file.

So yeah, I can make a batch file for this but since I have no idea how to make one, I decided to use Ant.

Here is my script.

The following explains the steps that the build script executes:

  • Go over all folders recursively to look for existing jar files.
  • Extracts them one by one in a folder name that is the name of the Jar file + “_folder”.
  • Delete the old Jar file
  • Re-create the Jar file
  • Delete the folder

That’s it! Simply put the build script file in any folder you want it to start searching for Jar files and it does the rest.

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