As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Javascript has its own replace function that, when used many times, you would have to resort using a / slash followed by options case insensitive and/or global and enclosing them to the search keyword, some cases may not be applicable to use that function. I scoured the net and found this neat function by Dave Shuck taken from this link.

The problem that I encountered was when I used Javascript’s replace() function with a search keyword that’s dynamic. If say, I want to use a search keyword like photo1 and photo2 and photo3 and place that in a for loop, doing it like this

Notice the question mark i placed? I also tried to use the eval() function to see if appending the variable i would make it work. It didn’t. In the end, I decided to go look for a replaceAll() function in Javascript. At least I don’t have to make one anymore he he he. Here’s the function.

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