JMeter is a great tool. Problem is, when it comes to the Graph Results, nobody understands it. Go look at definitions of Median and Deviation and they have nothing to do with technology. They are more on the Math side of things.


The only data I understood is throughput which is more related to what you are actually doing: stress test. But then again, the graph is abstract there is no way to interpret it.

Luckily, I came across a JMeter plugin by Lars Krogjensen and improved by Ruben Laguna.


Now, doesn’t the graph look much better? Plus, there are more data included displayed in table format. While the data still contains information on deviation, throughput, median and others like in the default, this plugin beats the default one because there are other details like kb/sec, average, url and many others.

Try it out. Visit this link to get the plugin called Statistical Aggregate Report. Extract the lib folder to where you stored your JMeter folder.

Once run, right click on the project, select add listener and look for Statistical Aggregate Report. That’s it! Re-run your test plan and see the improved graph results.

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I have to admit. Even I  do not find graphite quite attractive. When it comes to minerals, gold and silver come to mind right away. However, graphite is used in so many things.

Take batteries for example. Yes. The use of graphite in batteries has been increasing in the last 3 decades. The Li-ion battery utilizes more graphite than lithium carbonate.

Now, would you believe that graphite is used in most devices today? Hard to believe but true. The use of lithium ion battery has really taken off.

Graphite is one of the most important raw materials in modern electronics and industry. Despite that, The United States has not produced graphite in over 20 years. All of it is imported.


But things are going for the better. For the first time in more than 20 years, America is about to produce its own graphite. Not too soon, either and this is a good sign for America’s economy. It always is a good sign when you do not import from others.

Graphite Corporation aims to be at the center of the graphite attention. Having an American entity that produces graphite for the whole nation to use compared to importing graphite from other countries can benefit America immensely.

Considering that Graphite Corp. will become a major player in the American graphite industry, there is an opportunity to invest. Check out the Industry Growth Report Newsletter to find more details about it!

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According to an AOL/ survey, employees admit to using work computers for personal use an average of around 2 hours per day. They say that businesses lose big because of the amount of time being abused not related to work.

However, I have to say that even the CEO does crap related to personal use. Now, as the owner of the company you may want to monitor their activities if you are the traditional type of person who wants people to work like robots ensuring that every minute is used for work and not something else.

Yes, there are free software that can monitor reports in any Internet related activities like website usage, chat logs and others but they are pretty limited. If you want the detailed stuffs, you have to invest even just a little.

For starters, you can check My PC Reports. It provides daily, time based reports that detail all application and website usage on monitored computers. These reports indicate how much time each employee spends on every program and the documents and websites they look at.

Reports feature graphical charts, detailed views of top 3 usage areas and online archive access enables you to look at the history of an employee’s Internet habits. For as low as $10 each month, sign up now!

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