You only need to set 2 lines of code in order for the SearchView to be reset to its iconified state.

These are:

The first line empties the EditText field while the second line hides the SearchView component and shows the MenuItem icon back.

That’s all!

Definitely you had just gone through your first tutorial in developing an iOS app and after some recompilations, the simulator gave you a black empty screen and gives you the notion that it hangs.

To fix this, focus on the iOS Simulator app and in the menu, go to:

  • iOS Simulator > Reset Content and Settings.

That’s it!

When you get this kind of error, ensure your date is correct so certificates can be verified.

I did not know the time of my iTouch was reset.

Probably because I left it for quite some time and forgot to charge it so the date/time went back to its default.

Just make sure you set the correct date and you will be able to link your Yahoo email with your iTouch.

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