Okay, so they do not call it the iPad 3 or the iPad HD. Rather, they just call it the third generation iPad. Suits me fine. I must say, the improvements on the hardware have impressed me and finally convinced me to think that this is finally the iPad that I have been waiting for.

Why? the 5MP camera for one. If it was VGA no matter if Apple added 10GB of RAM or 128GB of space, I will never be convinced to get one. 5MP is a different story.

While I was hoping that the CPU would be quad-core, Apple opted quad-core to be on the graphics side. Nothing people can do about it considering the dominance of Apple in the tablet area so they sure want to hold on to some hardware specifications later on in next generation models.

High resolution display? Can you even distinguish it? Even their sample photos cannot be distinguished so it is not really important to me but I consider it an added bonus.

Retina display? Only a bonus. The iPad 2’s quality is already okay. Considering that an iPad’s text size is way more than readable, zooming is really not that big of an option unless your eyesight’s bad. That is the only use that I can think of for retina display.

I read an article where the writer stated that Android is not compelling especially from a software standpoint compared to Apple’s iOS. I have to disagree. Most app makers chose Apple because of the hype and the popularity that comes with it considering they were the first to make tablets a hit.

If app makers also made Android versions, it would level the playing field. Why I want an iPad is because of the games, not the apps. Good luck to people wanting to use apps for other things. That is their choice. I would be better off using a desktop. iPad is just gaming for me.

It will have to be a few more days till iFixIt gets a hold of the 3rd generation iPad. Once confirmed that it has 1GB of RAM, then this will be the iPad that I will decide to get one.

What about you? What do you think of the 3rd generation iPad? Share your thoughts.

(Photo from Digital Trends)

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