rsDigiDock released a Reversi type of game for the iTouch called Reversi Sister. To play the game is the same as with any Reversi games out there. The main attraction would be if the AI (artifical intelligence) is pretty good. I would say it is ok. Sometimes I am not satisfied with how my opponent plays against me and sometimes I am. This game is sort of the same in AI as the game Reversi Plus. The huge difference with Reversi Sister is that an anime character will talk, dance and cheer you up whilst playing the game. A variety of animation moves can be seen from the anime character so keep on playing new games to see them all. One other game feature includes a tip on which areas on the board are acceptable for you to tap your next move (though this feature is pretty common in most Reversi games).


The important aspect for a Reversi game is always its AI (artificial intelligence). If the AI sucks, then players would not enjoy playing the game over and over again. Reversi Sister’s AI, as I mentioned awhile ago, is decent and acceptable to me. I care only for the game play itself, if you do not like some anime girl dancing and cheering while you are playing the game, you might find it annoying. Otherwise, anime lovers would enjoy having an anime character cheer you on while you play the game.

reversiplusSo far with all the games that I played reversi for the iTouch, Reversi Plus is the game that appealed the most to me. It features great graphics plus the option to choose from a variety of background wallpaper to be used on the playing board, though I merely chose the default as the others tend to disrupt clean visuals with the game. The game works the same way as what the name is all about, Reversi or if you may be familiar with this name “Othello”. You have the option to choose from at least 7 artificial intelligence levels. I prefer to use 6 because level 7 tends to drag the game as there is a timely delay whenever your opponent makes its move. That timely delay irritates me because I do not like waiting.

Some added features to Reversi Plus are the capability to save and manage your game scores plus a review or replay of the game. Overall a decent job by 6 Tags, the makers of the game. Reversi is my all time favorite board game and I do not get bored playing with it no matter how many times I win haha. Its artificial intelligence is pretty decent, though not as challenging as the Nintendo Family Computer version. That artificial intelligence rocks the most.

Astraware, a known gaming company that provides games for mobile devices has released their own set of board games for the iTouch called Astraware Board Games. It features the games that we all know like chess, checkers, backgammon, ludo, my most favorite of all, reversi and even a snakes and ladders game. I checked some of the games like checkers, chess and reversi to see if the gameplay is good. I was kind of annoyed that for these games, whenever it is a player’s turn, a message would appear. It would have been ok if there is an option to turn that off but there is not so I did not enjoy playing the games because of it. Even reversi, which I hoped to expect that its artificial intelligence is better than Big Bang Games’ reversi version did not have any effect on me because of that annoying popup message. I still kept this game though because of the snakes & ladders game, my nephews might like playing it. The graphics are good. You can also play this game with another iTouch player using a local WI-FI connection.

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