Blackberry manufacturer RIM has been taking a considerable battering in the smartphone market in the past 2 years. Their phone was once the sign of a successful business man who was on the bleeding edge of technology.

But nowadays, businesses have moved onto more advanced handsets offered by the likes of Samsung and Apple. Many people have claimed that this shift has marked the end of RIM, however on closer inspection this appears to be far from the truth.

Developing countries

Despite falling sales in Europe and North America, the Blackberry continues to control the market in countries such as India, Holland, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, among others. With India being one of the most rapidly expanding markets in the world, the Blackberry still has a chance of staying in the market if they choose their target market correctly.

Blackberry 10

There has been a lot of talk about the BB10 operating system. There are rumours that the latest operating system will be supported by handsets made by other companies as well, which could be a massive move by RIM to help it regain a market share in developed economies. This software licensing has only been rumoured, but it makes sense that Blackberry try and collaborate instead of compete in such a competitive market.

Blackberry 10 Handsets

Expected to drop in 2013, there is a little information floating about regarding the blackberry 10 handsets. One of the company’s largest failings has been its inability to provide handsets that can match other smartphones on the market. The Blackberry Curve deals with most everyday business needs, but lacks any processing power when compared to other smartphones currently on sale.

What we can tell by the information out there is that the new handsets will be technologically relevant. The screen resolutions have been released for both the touch screen and QWERTY models and they mark a huge improvement. The touch screen handset will have a resolution of 1280×1720 whilst the keyboard handset will be 720×720.

If these devices prove to be successful, we could see Blackberry reclaiming its crown. That being said, doubts have been voiced over varying screen resolutions, and how they may be off putting for app developers and cause compatibility issues.

RIM’s chief executive Thorsten Heins has recently been quoted saying that the Blackberry 10 will not only challenge Android and Apple devices, it will beat them. Only time will tell if this fighting talk means anything, but RIM can only hope their latest developments can turn their fortunes around.

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