rrDigital Chocolate has produced another awesome and unique game in 3D Rollercoaster Rush for the iTouch. Take a ride in a rollercoaster based on the original Rollercoaster Rush game! The game features 40 different 3D action packed tracks set in the Wild West in career mode. Finish the tracks and move past obstacles to upgrade your amount of carts. If you want more, go back and play again all completed levels in the challenge race mode where you can play against even the designer of the game! How cool is that?!


Features like speed increases your excitement meter and multiplies your score, but even small jolts are enough to send carts hurtling into space! The graphics are just simply awesome and I know this game was not easy to develop considering a heavy dose of physics in involved. Kudos to Digital Chocolate for creating such a wonderful game. If you are scared of real rollercoasters, you will ignore all that here and instead enjoy the adrenaline once the rollercoaster carts start moving and speeds away.

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