If ever this will happen to you, chances are you used a bean class as the object passed to the ObservableList. Hence, any update done will not update your TableView unless it is binded to that bean class.

To do so, replace your data types like long, int, double to use the Property class and instantiate it with SimpleProperty class. For String, use StringProperty and instantiate it with SimpleStringProperty.

Check this sample class:

Your bean class must have a Property method that will return the property class in order for binding to take effect with your TableView and ObservableList. This is so that the values of the individual entity fields can be observed for changes and any update action will take effect.

When I first encountered this problem, there was no solution. Not even in the documentation of sample list of JEasyUI‘s portal.

However, I after I posted a topic in their forum to include it in a future release or so, probably after a day or two, they immediately created a Javascript library to do just that.


Look for the file datagrid-groupview.js and make sure you include that or else grouping rows won’t work in the data grid.

Retrieve your JSON data as is and simply assign the field that you want as basis for grouping the rows and changing the view’s value to groupview.

That’s it! Easy as pie!

Setting the sort order between 2 rows in MySQL can be done in 1 line by making use of the IF() function.

I had a scenario where I had move up and move down functionalities to set the order of my database entries.

Let us say, you have columns ID and SORT_ORDER.

This line of code should do the trick.

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