audialsoneJust in time for 2010, I decided to set up another contest, my second one and this would involve subscribing to my RSS feeds or following me in Google Friend Connect. I will  select a winner by January 1, 2010 and he/she will receive a license key for the AudialsOne software that is worth almost $80.

AudialsOne works around the clock to provide you with tons of music. Just enter in a genre, artist or song title and AudialsOne searches the internet for the best online radio stations to record music and even finds matching videos! AudialsOne finds all the music you want from 80 genres and over 70,000 artists in a matter of minutes. You can even choose from a large selection of podcasts.

AudialsOne records everything you hear on any website or streaming application and automatically saves the file as a new MP3 on your computer.

AudialsOne takes care of DRM copy protection and file format problems with music  and audio book files via its PerfectAudio quality guarantee.

To join, just subscribe to my RSS feeds either through your reader software or by email. If you do not like emails, just use RSS web-based readers like Google Reader and Yahoo Reader. You can get another entry if you follow me in Google Friend Connect. Start subscribing mates! 😉

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