No surprise here. GSM Arena reported that Samsung said their Galaxy S II has been enjoying a very warm reception in Korea and now they published the global pre-order numbers to confirm that the smartphone is on high-demand everywhere.

The global pre-orders for the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II have just surpassed 3 million units, breaking the company all-time record along the way.

In fact that number is already a third of the Galaxy S II sales target the company set for itself for the full 2011. And it’s hardly any wonder either – the smartphone’s specs sheet has probably been haunting every tech-freak’s dreams since its official announcement in February.

This smartphone is only on sale in UK and Korea for now, but the company plans on bringing the total to at least 120 countries. Crap! I so want this one! The longer the wait, the longer the agony.

I am actually planning to get one once it hits the stores here. Can’t wait!

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