Frankly speaking, there is no way. I was surprised when I kept looking through all the settings to find nothing on how to disable the screen time out in a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. The screen time out only has options for 10 minutes at the most.

I hate screen time outs, hence the need to disable it. Keep Screen, an Android app is the solution for this. While it does not disable screen time outs in general, it will keep your phone from timing out on certain applications that you set not to time out.

The app is free. Last I saw, it said “for now” so better hope when you go to the Android Market and look for it, it is still free.

Taking a screenshot using the Samsung Galaxy S2 works the same way as you do with an iPhone.

Press the home button and the power button together and you should hear a sound of a screenshot being taken. The screen will flash and you should see a text that shows it has been captured and saved.

The image above is a sample screenshot taken from my Samsung Galaxy S2 smart phone.

Note: I had been reading through comments and it is true that different o.s. versions and roms like CyanogenMod have different ways to get a screenshot than when I first had my Galaxy S2.

Someone may have already pointed this out but just in case, you may want to try pressing them sequentially but without any delays:

Press volume down button then press power button. This is what I do with my Cyanogen Mod custom ROM on Jeally Bean 4.2.

Just read the great news at Yugatech that the phone is officially priced at 29,990 pesos exclusively for Globe in the meantime. Well, hold your horses first. It does not mention if the phone contains 16 or 32gb internal space. It would definitely suck if that price features the 16gb internal storage capacity.

If it is 32gb? Then great! But still … this phone is really tempting. My Android app is more than halfway done so it would be nice to get an Android phone to test it with and this is the phone that I had been targeting way before.

Yugatech did say that this retail price might be the SRP for a pre-paid kit. Not bad though considering all the hardware specs are way better than the iPhone 4. As in … waaaaay better! Can’t wait to get confirmation for the price of a 32gb Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone!

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