Even with the second edition of Super Monkey Ball, whether be it for the iOS or Android, this game in my opinion is still bad. I do not like the controls. It just is too sensitive and slippery.

I am pretty good at playing Labyrinths so why couldn’t I have good control on this one?

Though the graphics are amazing as well as the music and sound effects, it is the controls that I loathe. The game play is the same as with previous incarnations of Super Monkey Ball.

In Sakura Edition, you roll around 6 worlds as you tilt and steer adorable monkeys in 125 themed mazes. Play as one of 4 adorable Monkeys: Aiai, MeeMee, Baby and GonGon. The game features mini games too.

Though overall, I do not like this game. Sega does an amazing job of porting its games to other platforms like iOS and Android. However, I just do not like Super Monkey Ball.

I thought I would have liked it by installing it and playing the game but ended up disappointed. So my only complaint here is the controls. The rest, Sega did a tremendous job.

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