Why a continuous ink system? It is a low-cost substitute for inkjet cartridges which in contrast to conventional cartridges, the continuous ink system uses very large ink tanks that are connected via hoses with the print head.

The container can be simply filled, often even no extra accessories are needed. In short, you can save a lot.

The inkjet printer industry considers the CISS HP as a danger for the sale of ink cartridges while users with high volume demand lower ink costs.

The result is neck and neck, meaning the manufacturers change the ink composition, chips and cartridge models so often that the CISS manufacturer have much troubles, to keep up with the development.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers get this. Printout 24 offers the current output of the chips to customers and therefore only work with the largest and famous manufacturers. To avoid that the chips of the cartridges at every refill must be reset, manufacturers used their own chips which automatically reset their level like auto reset chips. Their systems have almost exclusively such chips.

Manufacturing is in accordance to ISO 9001 certification and all items will be sent mostly on the same day of the order!

  • With these premium ink, customers have following advantages:
    No universal ink, that may have poor printing results, but the high-quality ink that is particular customized to your printer!
  • No junk-ink, with which the print heads clog fast, but one of the best inks of the world with that you can’t do anything wrong!
  • No falsified colors and frayed edges, but printing and color fidelity by the high quality brand ink! No fading the colors after shortest time!
  • No wrong saving: Now save by the ink, later spend much more money for the new print heads, you buy maybe the best refill ink worldwide – InkTec ink!

Check out these CISS for HP.

The top five reasons you should switch to residential solar power today are increasingly more convincing year after year. Whether you are looking for financial incentives or to make the world a better place, the time has come to install solar power in your home.

Save and Make Money

A number of convincing arguments for solar power exist, however few are as powerful as the potential monetary savings and earnings. In addition to greatly reducing or even eliminating your power bills altogether, you will also be able to make money from excess electricity. A number of states require that electric companies purchase excess solar power which allows you to save and make money from your solar transition. Each state and power company will have a unique platform, but essentially you get a refund from sending power back to the grid, sometimes eliminating utility bills all together!

More Affordable

Solar technology is becoming more affordable each year, and the government is providing a number of incentives to make the switch to alternative energy. Currently, the government is offering up to 40 percent back on your solar power investment. This figure may change in the future; however, at this time, the government is rewarding households looking to help ease the electricity burden that continues to grow year after year.  Tax breaks and cash back are very common when looking to obtain a home solar system.

Increase Home Value

Increasing your home value may be one of the lesser known reasons to switch to residential solar power. A number of recent studies have revealed that homes with solar panels are far more desirable for a number of reasons. These homes typically sell significantly more quickly, by up to 20 percent, and sell for more money, up to nearly $20,000 in certain states.  The solar systems that are installed on these homes are usually rated for at least 25 years with a warranty, and in some cases up to 40 years.  After the loan or lease term is up, your electricity is essentially free, which can be desirable to potential homeowners.

Maintenance and Storage

Solar panels have relatively low maintenance. The panels typically wash themselves with rain and because the parts are stationary, it is highly unlikely the parts will stop working due to mechanical difficulty. Also, your excess energy is automatically stored with the power company. Your account is then credited with your home-produced energy to use during days that do not produce much electricity and for the electricity required to power your home at night.

The Environment

And, perhaps the most important reason of all to switch to solar, you will help to save the planet. Solar panels reduce the use of natural resources and reduce the use of their potentially dangerous gathering and storing methodologies. By eliminating dependency on natural gas, oil and coal, the planet can begin to repair from the damage that has already been done and help to prevent further damage in the future.

Switching to residential solar power will help to save the planet and greatly improve your quality of life through both the health of your finances and your environment. Making a difference today will save the world tomorrow.

This article was written by Brian evesque.  Brian is currently an electrical engineer living in Denver, Colorado, and helps to provide solar soutions to residents around the country.  In his free time, Brian enjoys contributing content to Ablaze Energy LLC, the premier provider of solar solutions to residnets of California and New York.

If your business hasn’t started using the cloud to it’s full potential, then why not? Cloud storage systems like DropBox offer countless benefits for your IT solutions – whether you’re a high-tech business or not. We’re going to look at why the Cloud has become huge in recent years.

Unlimited storage

Every time you run out of storage with traditional computer networks – you have to go and buy some more hard drive space. This isn’t only expensive, it’s also inconvenient and time consuming. Some businesses find they actually start to run out of office space for all their disk space! Cloud storage gets round this problem with ease. You don’t have to go out and buy a new hard disk every time you need it, let along take a few hours out to install it. Just click a button, and automatically upgrade some more space on your cloud. Simple.

The cloud is secure

Unlike keeping all your important files and documents on stand-alone computers – the cloud has tons of security options. If you look after your own computer storage network, you’ll have to make sure all security updates are installed yourself. With the cloud, that’s all taken care of for your buy the service provider, remotely. Every update installed with ease – you might not even notice it.

DropBox encryption services like Sookasa offer an almost unparalleled range of additional security features which could take your protection to the next level. By installing Sookasa, you can remotely protect, monitor and update all the files on your network. That means if someone loses a connected laptop, you can revoke access to the files on the cloud from that computer – making sure only the right people have access to the right files at the right times.

Fully compliant cloud security systems make storage arguably much safer than keeping things under a lock and key. You can monitor access to files, and make it so only certain people can do so at certain times. Previously, if you lost a laptop or a folder with a load of important documents in them, whoever got them can now read them. Not with DropBox security – now you can “switch off” access to those files with ease, remotely. This also prevents security breaches when you lose members of staff.

The cloud takes collaborative projects to the next level

Let’s face it – sharing files used to be difficult. Now it’s easy with the cloud. Working alongside colleagues in different locations has never been easier. Now you can collaborate on the same project and access the same files remotely, in real time. No more sending files over restrictive email accounts – or copying things to disk. The cloud takes remote working to the next level – meaning you can let your employees work from home or communicate with a wide range of clients.

The cloud has really taken computer storage systems into the 21st century. Along with the efficiency savings and productivity benefits it offers your business – you can now make sure your cloud is fully secure.

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