scalaWritten by Kerasiotis Vasileios. What if programming languages were real persons like you and me? What if they were parts of families and had relations and affairs? Have you ever thought of going to a supermarket and Visual Basic was the young woman waiting in the line in front of you?

Scala is 22 years old.She is sweet and quite friendly but many of her friends in Devel City feel a little thread when it comes to job opportunities. The case of Twittorix, where the managers of the project asked Scala to do the job, made Ruby upset.

Scala like her little sister Groovy, got all of her mother’s knowledge and took it to a newer level. Not only Scala can work the same way as her mother does, she can also make new ways of working and doing things for a specific job which makes her a valuable part of JVM. Scala gets a lot of suggestions to work for NET (another ports creation company) but she is too busy with JVM at the moment that makes this a little hard to accomplish.

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