Do you have a teenager in your life who isn’t quite sure what he wants to be when he grows up? This year, help your teenager consider all of his options with a thoughtful and meaningful gift. The right present can not only help give your child options, but help him consider different careers he may enjoy.

If you think your teen might enjoy going into law enforcement, sells uniden home patrol scanners. These are perfect for anyone who is interested in what it really takes to be a police officer and will give your teen some basic information on just how busy police officers really are.

If your teen is learning more toward nursing or medical school, consider getting a top-notch first aid kit you can explore and check out together. Another option would be to give your teen the gift of a Red Cross first aid or CPR class. While this won’t be fully comprehensive, it will be a great starting point for your teen to find out a few things that doctors and nurses deal with on a daily basis.

For the teen who is artsy, you can consider giving a journal or computer so he can write his own stories and memories. Even if your teen likes to write poetry or music, the right writing equipment can be incredibly motivational and will give a more thorough understanding of just what it takes to succeed as a writer.

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Upgrading your computer is not really that hard. You may think that only techies are the ones who can tweak computers without worries and with confidence.

I am a techie but I started out not as one and I actually tweaked my own desktop when I wanted to upgrade its RAM and hard drive. It was not hard. The wires may fool you into thinking upgrading computers is complex but it is not.

There are a ton of video tutorials too if you want some spoon feeding visuals to help you out just in case you still feel nervous about doing it yourself without any experience yet.

I recently used a system scanner that detects computer performance identifying the existing RAM that your computer has and provides a listing of recommendations how much memory is applicable to you.

There were many recommendations given to me which is hardly surprising since my current computer specs suck at 2GB of RAM. Probably a 4GB or 8GB would surely boost my computer’s performance.

And price is really not a problem because memory sticks are not very expensive. See the screenshot of my system scan showing that my PC has only 2GB of RAM.

The scanner came from and there are also a ton of other video assets to help you out, which are fairly easy to understand even for a non techie.

Even old computers can have their lives extended. That is, if you add the right specs to it. Check out Crucial’s system scanner to see what computer parts you may need to upgrade in order to have your computer keep up to speed running the latest softwares.

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