Scooby Doo: Who’s Watching Who? is your typical platformer where each level starts out with a themed hub world, and from there you collect Scooby dog tags to unlock three sub-levels. These levels are divided into an investigation stage (generic platforming), a driving level (crashing into walls with the clunky Mystery Machine), and a chase sequence (falling into holes you can’t see).

The point of each level is to find clues strewn about and solve that “episode’s” mystery. These clues can then be analyzed by Velma via a series of simple mini-games. When you get enough dirt on a suspect, you can try to catch them by setting off a series of traps when they walk under them (such as pushing a cannon on top of a suspect).

I like this game except for a few negatives. I kind of get dizzy while playing the game, moving Scooby around the areas. Sometimes I feel like puking. Also, for every ghostly mystery that gets solved, the next one more or less is the same except that the environment is different. You do the same thing as you did in previous mystery cases. Collect dog tags, go to each level, collect clues, uncover them and pin on the suspect.

And yeah, Scooby does fight some baddies here (not the big bosses since they are indestructible and you need the clues to catch them). But he has to have some Scooby snacks first. Even though the dizziness makes me stop playing the game sometimes, I still like this game just because it is Scooby Doo! ;).

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