I have read users having problems running the install manager executable of the Samsung Tizen SDK both in Windows 7 and 8. In my case, when I run the install manager under Windows 7 32-bit, it closes the popup window after extracting the file so I had no way to figure out what files were decompressed and where they were placed.

I had to take a screenshot just to find out where. The extracted files can be found at


Now that you found the path, what to do next? Since the files located there are a jar file and a conf text file.

To run the install manager manually, run it using Java from the command line.

java -jar InstallManager.jar

That’s it! You should see a window show up like this.


Well, this one is easy. Just move it to any place you like. Once transferred, you need to tell your Eclipse where the new location is located so that all succeeding module installations will be placed there.

In your Eclipse environment, go to Window > Preferences > Android.

Change the SDK Location and that’s it!

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