This game is not that big, but boy did it take me some time to finish this. And a cheat because I really got stuck with that first clock hand. And I am sure that majority of those who play this game really got stuck there.

I also got stuck with the last part because I did not understand what symmetry meant in the game but I did manage to solve it based on a hunch.

Escape Room: Strange House is like Myst, where you move around the house where you got locked in because of your curiosity on rumors of the most eccentric man in the city.

You try to find your way out by solving puzzles, looking for interesting objects that may help you unlock the door and bolt yourself to freedom.

The graphics are amazing for such a simple game. Overall this game is small and I am sure that those who were lucky to finish it so early would be dying for more levels. Still, I recommend this to all Android gamers to go give this a download.

I did enjoy this one pretty much. If you get stuck, well there is always Google to help you out ;).

gcaClimbing up the corporate ladder is no easy task. You would have to be good at what you do. That also includes testimonials from referrals whom you have worked with. However, it does not work all the time if you do not present yourself visually well. Gillette commissioned a survey, conducted by Harris Interactive of more than 500 HR professionals and the results indicated that majority of them agree well groomed employees go up the corporate ladder faster than those who are not.

That means presentation is also vital when looking for a job. Guys should check out a guide site launched by Gilette called the “Gillette Career Advantage“. There, job seekers and professionals looking to get ahead can view tips and advice in the site, plus more from Mark Jeffries, a career expert and GQ style correspondent Brett Fahlgren.

They even have a Gillette Career Quiz that tests your job market know-how and a Hire Guide so you can get ideas what HR professionals really think and look for. This site is also not just for helping job seekers alone. You can share your own tips, advice and experiences so others can also benefit from them.

For more information about Gillette products or to review survey findings and obtain advice from grooming and career experts, visit the Gillette Resource Center.


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