By far the best Sonic game in mobile devices. Great amazing graphics, awesome music and sound effects and the usual gameplay. However, in Android devices it seems to be only good for Tegra powered smart phones. If you rooted your Android phone though, you can use ChainFire3D to play it.

This time, Sega distributes the game in episodes which is understandable considering each episode is huge in file size so imagine if they merged all episodes at one time.

While the game play is the same, Sonic has some new moves of his own like the Homing Attack which adds a new level of control and excitement.

There are also 2 new exclusive levels built specifically for smartphones using the accelerometer.

And here is the best thing about this game. A staple of the Genesis-era games, the special stages return allowing fans to collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds and unlock Super Sonic.

Each episode is pretty long. Long enough for you to really enjoy and have fun just like a whole packaged game. Sonic is Sega’s ultimate product much like Mario is to Nintendo.

I am glad Sega continues to port their star attraction to all consoles possible.

Even with the second edition of Super Monkey Ball, whether be it for the iOS or Android, this game in my opinion is still bad. I do not like the controls. It just is too sensitive and slippery.

I am pretty good at playing Labyrinths so why couldn’t I have good control on this one?

Though the graphics are amazing as well as the music and sound effects, it is the controls that I loathe. The game play is the same as with previous incarnations of Super Monkey Ball.

In Sakura Edition, you roll around 6 worlds as you tilt and steer adorable monkeys in 125 themed mazes. Play as one of 4 adorable Monkeys: Aiai, MeeMee, Baby and GonGon. The game features mini games too.

Though overall, I do not like this game. Sega does an amazing job of porting its games to other platforms like iOS and Android. However, I just do not like Super Monkey Ball.

I thought I would have liked it by installing it and playing the game but ended up disappointed. So my only complaint here is the controls. The rest, Sega did a tremendous job.

golden_axeSega has ported one of its classic games to the iTouch called Golden Axe. Three heroes: a powerful fighter, an amazon and a dwarf will be at your disposal to use to defeat the evil Death Adder who has captured the King and his daughter and holds them captive in their castle. Choose your hero in this classic action game, as you fight through Adder’s henchman as you battle through dark castles, on the back of a giant turtle and even on the wings of an enchanted eagle with weapon & magic, and even get to joyride on some beasts.

Each character has its own unique magic attack. The arcade version includes 2 more levels for more fighting action. The controls golden_axesimulate that of a joystick pad controller where transparent colored controls are displayed on the screen. It can be pretty hard to move up and down while battling enemies unlike if the movement was only in a horizontal linear path. I did not quite enjoy this one because I had a hard time with the controls but I guess old Sega faithfuls will find ways to enjoy this game despite my control woes. Maybe I just have thick fingers ha ha.

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