Even I was confused why this problem occurred to me. I mean, I have another JComboBox cell editor used in another JTable and there was no problem with the selection highlight when I pressed either the up or down arrow key to navigate through the items.

i double checked line by line and compared my two classes to ensure that there is nothing different with the two of them. And still, the selection highlight problem persisted.

Luckily, there is a property that you can set to a JComboBox cell editor to highlight the selected item when you use the up and down arrow keys.

If you encounter this problem, avoid debugging your code and use this property right away. It took me some time to find out the solution but the fix is pretty quick.

Now how about that? While surfing the net I came across a site that is pretty useful in picking out the best TV antenna through the user of a TV antenna selection tool. The tool guides people in the process of selecting the best high definition TV antenna for their location.

This means the by finding the bes TV antenna in your location, you can get good quality signal and watch your favorite shows crystal clear. The tool is fairly simple to use but packs a strong number of useful features like displaying all TV stations in one’s location. Or perhaps selecting stations by power and frequency, antennas directionality and gain o name a few.

Users can also filter out the most common option: by area. Signals in locations vary from place to place so it is equally important to get details specifically for your location. There are also TV reception reports made by people who wish to share their experiences for others to benefit and guide them. Think of it as something like testimonials. These reports do come in handy.

The site takes advantage of the power of Google Maps to bring you detailed visual representation and information in finding the best tv antenna in your area.

If you want to change a JTree selected node’s rendering to just, say a bold and italic text, you can do so by calling the setBackgroundSelectionColor() and setBorderSelectionColor() of the DefaultTreeCellRenderer and passing null as its parameter.

You can use this same code in this post and placing those methods within the code that checks if the component is selected or not. Compile and run your program again and see that when you select a JTree’s node, there is only a bold and italic text without any background selection color.

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