Services like cloud computing do entail services that enables users to manage the performance and stability of its system. The Aternity Frontline Performance Intelligence Platform dramatically increases an organization’s ability to monitor application performance, usage and SLA metrics from the perspective of how the end users are actually experiencing IT services.

This type of cloud performance management is useful in the sense that the only way to measure end user service levels is through determining how they themselves are actually using and experiencing the service.

This type of  sla management level is a critical component for both the cloud users and the provider itself. Aternity’s service helps users in effectively monitoring all transaction flows from the vantage point of the user in support of service level agreements between vendors and cloud service consumers.

Now, if you have thought about trying out Aternity’s services but have doubts on whether to do so considering you may have no idea how the platform works, you can start by completing a short form to find out if your cloud based IT initiative qualifies for a risk free proof of concept.

That way, once it gets approved, you can at least try out their services so you can see first hand how their platform helps your requirements.

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