The things companies make just to make a quick buck. The Syte Shirt is a black heavyweight cotton shirt that features a transparent pocket up front, sized to fit an iPad. Two holes provide easy access to the tablet’s earphone and dock ports without removing it from the zippered pouch, while the transparent “vinyl” screen still allows interaction with the touch-screen.

Small to Extra Large Syte Shirts retail for $50, while the XXL size goes for $55. Now, if you own an iPad, would you buy one and place your iPad in front of your chest to show off to the public? Hmmm … wonder if there could be radiation that your chest would absorb.

People may buy the shirt. But you’d think everybody who buys them will have an iPad in front? That remains to be seen ;).

Here is a unique gadget to let iPodf users have control of their device through the use of their shirt. Urban Tool created grooveRider, a shirt for both men and women that lets you operate your iPod directly through a technology called Smart Fabric, a unique interface on the front of your shirt.

Just stick your iPod into the shirt and plug in your headphones and you are off to wherever you want to go. Control the volume, skip, play or stop songs all with your shirt. This shirt is currently available only in Europe for EUR 59 or $80.

While this seems to be a good invention, I can’t help but think how you will clean up the shirt after using it. Can’t let the sweat just idle in there right? 😉

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