sigma18-200mmLast weekend, I finally bought a Sigma lens with an 18-200mm range, with f/3.5-6.3 aperture, auto focus and optical stabilizer. The total aperture range is the same as my 18-55mm lens kit but the huge difference here is the distance that my new lens can accomplish. I do not have to worry being far from my subject because this is more than enough.

Sigma lenses are cheaper than Canon branded lenses. And for me, there really is not much difference. It gives the same result as I want it to. That is all I care. And with its huge price difference, people usually go for Sigma brands and so far I have not been disappointed.

The reason why I heavily looked for the auto focus feature of the lens is so that I do not have to tweak the second focus area to fully focus my subject. The auto focus feature handles the rest. The 200mm feature of this lens is what I am really after the most. No more frustrations in being required to be close to the subject to get good shots. I can finally idle and take shots wherever I want. Well … not that far ;).

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