You most likely happened to re-sign an existing signed jar that just expired recently and got this error message saying invalid SHA1 signature.

There is only 1 cause for this and you happen to re-sign the jar using JDK 1.7 while the expired jar was signed using 1.6. The encryption for both JDKs are different because 1.6 uses SHA1 while 1.7 uses SHA-256.

When you re-sign the expired jar using 1.7, check the manifest file and you will see that there will be 2 entries labeled SHA1 and SHA-256.

The only workaround that can be done for this is to re-create a clean jar file and sign it using 1.7. However, in my case wherein there were too many jar files I decided to install 1.6 and use its jarsigner executable to re-sign it thereby keeping its signature intact as SHA1.

You can then verify your jar file with the command

jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs

just to be sure that the signing was successful. Do not worry if you see the message “This jar contains entries whose signer certificate has expired.” because this is normal as it simply means you overwrote an expired certificate with a new one.

A sign that stands out in Times Square or is an iconic part of a city’s skyline has gone beyond sending a message. It’s a part of the lives of those who live and work there.

The idea it brings is strong and enduring. With a global presence, Priority Sign offers insight into their success on their website. They share the factors that they use to bring a new or existing brand to the public through a custom signage campaign.

In addition to the practical aspects of their large-scale sign manufacturing business, Priority Sign creates outdoor signage reflecting new or existing logos which reach the public in a very unique medium. Larger than life and illuminated to present identity authority, they carry the brand to the public day and night.

Experience is the key to selecting the right type of sign that brings the brand identity, fits the culture and local style, and stands out in the memory of those who have seen it. Signage is a large investment, even more so on a national or global basis.

Priority Sign’s outdoor signage expertise brings 10,000 projects to life in 80 countries annually. At this scale, they can offer complete turnkey signage packages with confidence.


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of - Safe storage for your important documents. All opinions are 100% mine.

People sometimes think there are many ways to store important documents for free. One of them, say, is email. I know a few people who would think that. They say that because email is free. But I simply told them, what if the document that you stored in your email inbox is a very important one, would you want to risk it getting hacked?

While I am not saying that emails are not a good alternative, there are sites that offer file storage with digital signing to ensure that important documents are kept safe. Naturally, I had to sign up to see what iSigned has to offer to its users.

The user interface is pretty straightforward. I registered for an account and the dashboard has some pretty slick functionalities for uploading and managing the files like placing comments, notes and even audit logs. I can also invite my friends so they can view my uploaded files.

Setting permissions to folders is one of the features that I find important and useful. In my opinion, without it, there would be really be no point managing my files and folders if I cannot even set permissions to them. When uploading files, there is an expiry date option where the system will warn you of a pending expiry that will give you ample and enough time to make any necessary action.

The system is fairly easy to use plus you get the added benefit of security when you safely store important documents in your life with iSigned - secure online storage for legal and other important documents.
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