As the internet has grown into a global network, it has impacted and introduced an entirely new way of doing business.  Its effects on the global economy are unprecedented.

Merely 20 years ago consumers were limited to purchasing products from local businesses.  Not only has the internet made it possible to buy goods and services across state borders but worldwide.

If any business wants to be successful in modern times, it needs a webpage that will at least give the consumer information on who they are and what they do.

In order to stay competitive, most companies will give you the ability to purchase their goods straight from their website.  This has caused a significant trend in the way people buy everyday items, large purchases, and even food.

People do want to be able to touch, taste, and smell what they are going to purchase.  This is the only thing that is keeping local storefronts alive.  However, the benefits of buying items online are starting to outweigh the factors above.  We are in the middle of a transition period in the way we do business.

The internet has taken the world by storm in its ability to connect people and industries across the globe.  Being able to have options immediately in front of you and be able to filter exactly what you are looking for with the click of a button gives people the power to make decisions in what they are looking for.

In many cases when someone goes to the store to buy something as simple as a t-shirt they will be limited to the availability of size, color, or style for what the store has in stock.  When someone can go online and select exactly the shirt they want, why bother driving to the store to search for it?

The internet has provided a convenience factor that local businesses cannot compete with.  Now people can sit in their home and do all the shopping they need without having to worry about spending the money in gas driving to or finding a store that will have the item they want readily available.

Aside from the convenience of shopping in your living room, we can now do price comparison between various vendors by simply loading up a few web pages.  This has made a fierce competition for online vendors do win over your business and drive down prices.  Why do you need to drive around town to multiple locations when you can do comparisons immediately in one location?

The local business’s ability to compete with the internet is starting to dwindle more and more every day.  Now we can even buy food online and have it delivered to your home!  The grocery stores will soon feel the impact of this, and will start to see a trend in what items people are purchasing from them.  More than likely it will be fresh produce that will keep small local grocery stores in business.

Aside from just purchasing goods on online networks, money transactions and communications between businesses and individuals will all be done this way.  The internet’s ability to network people together has made it a necessity to have online marketing strategies such as Facebook pages, being linked to sites like Pinterest and many others.  Our modern way of doing business will all be carried out online with E- Commerce being the engine that drives our future.

Having the ability to market to large populations of people and touch them from great distances has opened the door for businesses in Europe to have a marketing strategy to target teenagers in New York City.  The ability to grow your business on a global scale is what E-commerce provides to those that fully embrace it.

Every industry has been affected by this from your local convenient store to large corporations.  Local business will soon be a relic of the past, with the internet continuing to pave the way of the future.

The author, Nick Quinlan, runs a small storefront of his own that he has been slowly switching over towards a purely e-commerce format: making a warehouse and delivery vehicles his only infrastructure. To facilitate and secure these internet transactions, he utilizes the services of Fast Spring. You can learn more about Nick by visiting his Google+.

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