“People who have been faced with drunk driving know that their lives are going to change forever. Those that have been accused of aggravated DUI will have some of the more harsh consequences in DUI convictions. Therefore, those accused typically hire an attorney to protect them. Failure to do so may leave them with no privilege of having a license throughout their lives.

One is arrested with a DUI when they’re driving under the influence in excess of the legal limit of alcohol or other drugs. This will make them a hazard to others on the road. Police and highway patrolmen are constantly on the outlook for individuals showing any signs of DUI.

One of the most severe forms of DUI is known as an “”aggravated DUI.”” There are several different circumstances that may result in a person charged with this particular offense. These include, but are not restricted to:

  1. Driving with high bac. The legal limit for blood alcohol content is.08%. Driving far beyond the dpi may result in an aggravated DUI charge.
  2. Driving having a passenger younger than 15 – Endangering the life of the child isn’t viewed lightly in the courts.
  3. Driving having a suspended or revoked license – Anyone who has lost their license because of previous criminal offenses may be faced with this felony.
  4. Multiple drunken driving arrests – Those that have established a pattern of DUI charges will face aggravated DUI charges.

Police happen to be especially aggressive recently searching for drivers who’re driving under the influence of medication or alcohol. Often times, intoxicated drivers are caught because of causing an accident. If this occurs, the motive force might not only face felony DUI charges, but personal injury lawsuits as well.

With harsh consequences on the line, defence should be given serious attention. Charges of aggravated DUI might be lessened and innocence might be proven for those faced with this crime if a good arizona dui lawyer is sought.An aggravated DUI means you’ll face a much longer license suspension, a greater fine, and much more time in jail. In these cases, you’ll need a strong defence lest the penalties ruin your lifetime.

You defend an aggravated DUI by hiring a skilled phoenix dui attorney who has handled cases like yours before. Even though it is tough to beat these charges, there is a very good chance that the penalties can be lessened. Instead of many years where your license is suspended, thousands lost in fines, and months in jail, your lawyer may find holes in the event against you and perhaps avoid maximum punishment.”

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