Say what? Yes, I have seen a variety of captchas from the basic text input to audio recordings and match making mouse drags. But this, a sliding captcha? First time I saw this one.

Minteye is the company that offers this captcha service that comes with higher security and the most user enjoyment. And guess what?! Users can even get paid to block hackers from one’s site.

These slider units can provide a 94% conversion vs. 76% industry standard, enhanced site security, free security monitor and a new revenue stream.

The image included in this post is a sample of how sliding captchas look like and how it works. Pretty easy, right? Slide, and that’s it!

Here is the thing. The minteye web based platform to set up these sliding captchas is simple and user friendly. All users need to do is define the settings, integrate a simple script or install plug in and that’s it!

The sliding captcha works on any modern web browser including mobile and tablet devices. Now you will be able to monetize your CAPTCHAs and increase the success rate while reduce bounce rate on your web site without compromising on security.

Sliding captchas give you one of the best security available on the web today. Start with a free captcha now.

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