When Android Lollipop was released, I was excited. Who wouldn’t? Every new version always comes packed with new features and enhancements.

Sad to say when I upgraded to Lollipop it gave my app problems instead. Two things my app used, an XML drawable that displays a radial gradient effect and an animated inside an AsyncTask class that uses Thread.sleep in between.

So first, the radial drawable.

I had a custom color and named it theme_green. It worked okay in previous versions but in Lollipop 5.0, the radial effect does not work anymore, and so does the color. It seems like only the startColor is used hence the different color result.

The other issue I had was the Thread.sleep inside the doInBackground() where I had a for loop that shows an animated and used the Thread.sleep to simulate a pause in between animation.

The result was that the animated got slow. I had to switch to using a TimerTask instead to preserve the smoothness of the animated that was working prior to Lollipop 5.0.

Oh, and even SystemClock.sleep() inside doInBackground() did not work either.

So there. Just to give you a heads up that you might think it is the Lollipop 5.0 operating system that is the issue. They definitely changed some things that affected how the Thread.sleep() works inside the doInBackground() method of an AsyncTask class.

Overall I can sum it up to bugs and lag. I was surpised this happened. Google did not bother QA’ing the new Android operating system codenamed Lollipop in older Nexus devices?

This is one big blunder. And it has affected so many users. Worse, it greatly affected my game because it uses Thread.sleep in some cases and it now moves like a roller instead of smooth movements.

So here are some things that I noticed with Lollipop which I think is not advisable to be upgraded until Google provides a lightning quick fix.

WIFI – I noticed it takes some time to connect to WIFI hotspots. I also get cut off sometimes.

System lag – when I go to apps, I noticed slowdown and lagtime during transitions. I feel like my Nexus 7 2013 feels like a 2005 version. Hell, my card game might get bad reviews from ignorant users who think the animation in my app is slow is due to the developer when in fact, Lollipop is to blame

New apps – while this may not be a bad thing, I find no use for apps like Sheets and Slides so why are they sync enabled in the Google account by default?!?!

UI – come on! User interface overhaul? Sure, some are good but seriously, a little consistency at least. Plus the WIFI icon looks fugly. Keyboard is meh but I guess I can live with it.

Chrome loading icon – it looks funny but when you have a slow connection and you opened up a lot of tabs to load webpages, you may notice one of the tabs’ circle progress loading icon move itself in and out of the tab area.

These are the few things that git me peeved with Lollipop and even though this is a new version, I wish there is an easy way to revert back to Kitkat.

And no, I do not want to reset my tablet just to see if thinga will be different. So this blunder is really on Google.

wordpress_hexThis was a mess. I did not expect WordPress 3.8 to slow down my blog site. As in literally! The admin console takes too long to load and so do my blog posts.

I tried to look in the web for a solution but it seems people are blaming the hosting provider or possible WordPress plugins. Unbelievable!

Everything was in good condition until I pressed that update button. And it is quite a hassle downgrading so it totally sucks. If you have not upgraded to WordPress 3.8, DON’T!!!

Sure, the visuals look appealing but who surfs the web in their phones in the first place? Just go download the WordPress app.

If you upgrade to WordPress 3.8, it will be hell for you. Load time is slow and you will see connection timed out messages quite often especially while you compose a new post.

Now my monetization chances are getting slimmer because if the advertiser sees your site as loading at a snail pace, they will ignore your website.

So if you are still with version 3.7, stick with it! It won’t hurt you.

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