Dripthat is a collection of drips which means an exclusive collection of photos or videos, shared how you want, when you want and with who you want.

Sounds familiar? Well yes. You may think that this is what social media sites do. True. But there is something different with this drip.

Ever had your photos and videos merged in one album? Bet not, right? Dripthat can do that. You can even spread out photos and videos throughout the day, week or month within a drip.

Currently, this app is only available for iOS devices. You cannot log in to their websites so you need to register from within the app. Not to worry. It is free after all.

You will then be sent a PIN through your mobile device in order for you to unlock the account and continue using dripthat.

Dripthat still has social media elements incorporated into its system. You can follow, send messages with your followers, post photos and videos and schedule them.

Creating a drip is easy. Simply choose a photo or video or groups of them and set a defined time on how long you want to spread them out.


They also have a few filters on hand to enhance your desired resulting photo. I am sure more filters will be on their way. Crop, adjust and put on some effects. Your final photo will depend on your creative tastes.

And that’s it! Pretty easy and I like the fact that the app’s color theme is very soothing to the eyes.


They also have a special section called Drip Worthy. These are drips where dripthat considers to be appropriate for general consumption.

All in all, the best dripthat feature that I like is that it enables me to share and receive moments in groups rather than one at a time.

The app is pretty tiny but it packs a slew of other features that make the viewing experience dripping good.

You should dripthat too and explore it!

This information is on behalf of dripthat.

Okay, so I am not going to talk about my life specifically but about a certain social networking portal called MyLife. Wait! You might think “not another social networking site”. There is more to MyLife than meets the eye. Really.

It was formerly named Reunion.com and while majority of people into the world use Facebook, there are a good number of people worldwide that still use this service. Facebook is annoying. Privacy is an issue and it has gotten to a point where even senseless verses are posted and everybody just likes them just for the sake of feeding egos.

Other social networking sites cater to professionals like LinkedIn. While it also has social networking aspects to it, its business model is still catering to the professional side of things. From my point of view, MyLife absorbs these 2 aspects of social networking, both personal and professional into 1.

While the growing demands on our time and our increased mobility as a culture can make it easy to lose touch, MyLife helps users find friends, reconnect with a lost loved one, stay in contact with family, or keep track of the dozens of other relationships you have created along the way.

In short, MyLife.com is the most effective and efficient way to find everyone in your life. Now, the best way to experience how the platform works is to go try it out. Register for na account now! It is free.

Seems Google is hell bent on making it big in the social networking industr. Google announced that it has agreed to purchase social networking app maker Slide for an undisclosed amount.

The deal marks the latest try for the search giant to make some headway into the world of social networking. So far, Google has mostly failed in its attempts, including the poorly received Orkut and Google Buzz though I think Buzz is typically okay since I know a lot of people who use GMail typically use Buzz too. Reports have put the value at between $180 million and $230 million.

It comes just a few afters after Google invested in social app leader Zynga, reportedly worth $150 million. What Slide may aim to do is not to counter what Facebook already does. Rather, social networking could help Google improve its search results to better understand the context of a user’s query and e-mail spam would improve if it knew what a user and his or her friends thought was valuable.

We will see. I actually am anticipating what Google has in store with regards to social networking. This should be interesting …

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