With hundreds of users generating massive amounts of data every day, it’s no wonder enterprise organizations need enterprise storage solutions. Today’s options are plentiful. Below are a few enterprise storage solutions for large organizations to consider.

Online Storage

Online storage is a good solution for some organizations. Depending on your needs, online storage can serve as a backup solution, a file sharing and collaboration solution, or as a secure repository for sensitive files. Various online storage service providers exist, some of whom cater to enterprise organizations. Factors to consider include cost, features, and security (Source: Tegile’s Enterprise Data Storage Solutions).

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network attached storage is just that, a network attached storage solution. This could be a series of hard disks or a storage device consisting of multiple disks such as a RAID device. The NAS is assigned its own network address, allowing other devices on the network to access the device.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

A storage area network (SAN) is a network for storage devices that serves data to a network. The SAN is part of an enterprise’s larger network. Storage area networks support a number of data storage processes including backup and restore, disk mirroring, data archiving, and data migration.

Hybrid Storage

One of the more recent innovations in enterprise storage solutions involves hybrid drives. These drives combine traditional hard disks with solid state storage. As a result, they have the high storage capacities needed by enterprise organizations and perform much better than their all-hard disk counterparts. These hybrid storage solutions store commonly used data on solid state drives, allowing for superior performance most of the time. Meanwhile, less commonly used data is stored on traditional high capacity hard disks, allowing the enterprise to store massive amounts of data which can be accessed as needed (Source: Storage Challenges Whitepaper) .

Online storage, network attached storage, storage area networks, and hybrid storage solutions are but a few examples of some of the more common enterprise storage solutions available today.

Technology is ever evolving. As technology enables more paths to your systems and information, your users, endpoints and lines of defense become blurred.

Just imagine the sheer volume of data surrounding cyber security operations becomes more overwhelming each day. Securing this world of ethereal connections is a continuous cycle of detecting and deterring threats and developing new responses to new attack vectors.

There is no time where one can say, ok this site is now secure, we can rest easy. This is a wrong perception. In fact, it has only begun. You need to constantly maintain your system and protect it from the also evolving security threats that can affect your system.

Risking it is dangerous. Once your system gets compromised, the results can be catastrophic.

The TWD cybersecurity solutions team is proficient in leading security technologies and best practices, and provides a full range of network defense tools and services to minimize risk, increase your visibility and control and secure your network systems and information.

Their team are all certified security professionals who have deep knowledge and experience designing and implementing industry leading innovative IT security solutions. They ensure compliance on systems and areas that range from unclassified to “top secret security levels.

Check them out.

Amcom Storage as a Service solutions provide an unmatched level of flexibility for clients’ storage needs. Storage as a service can address users’ file storage, file sharing, computer backup and performance storage needs with scaleable, efficient and low risk solutions.

Advantage of getting these kinds of services is that there is no risk to the users themselves. All you need to do is backup, upload or download files and that is it. No need to worry on hardware maintenance, software upgrades and other technical concerns.

In the process, you get to enjoy the highest level of security through encrypted platforms with easy to use acces controls. Plus, by using amcom cloud storage solutions, users will experience world class data protection technology and tiered security management policies ensure privacy and integrity of all critical business files.

With SAAS, data is intelligently cached in and out of the utility storage platform thereby providing fast access to recently used data. Private and secure file exchange without having to set up unique access for each party is beneficial to users using the service.

Amcom also has an optional local cloud file server replacement solution for added functionality and file access without internet. Just in case, right? You never know.

Access anywhere, anytime and upload and download files all you want.

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