Well … who knew? Not even I expected this. My guild mate told me about it so I checked to verify and there saw my name in last place of the top 25 of sorcerer character players.


Temporarily … ha ha! I looked at it today and did not see my name anymore but hey, it was good while it lasted. And I figure to reach #10 if they update the list again because I just finished the 90 second Hauntlet Run achievement but it looks like the leaderboard list is not updated real time.

This is a really good game and I had been writing about this for like 4 posts now. If you have not played this game, play it! It is free! You do not need to spend anything unless you want to open all achievements than you have no choice but to buy some since those free platinum coins are not enough to open all achievements in a short span of time.

Oh yeah, if you do not have a guild yet, look for Arcanian Hooligans! Great guild!


Update: I went up to #11 the next day. LOL. Not bad.



I have to tell you, this is one awesome game! And it is FREE! You heard me right. Spacetime Studios released a game that I  got addicted to. Though you need to be online all the time in order to play this game considering it is of the MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) variety, overall this game is worth it.

The game itself is just a hack and slash type of game, destroying enemies at will and piling up weapons, armors and increasing character levels to make it stronger. I have to admit this is the first RPG game aside from Diablo that I decided to try out their elite mode, which is equal to hard.


The bosses there really are very hard to kill. I chose the sorcerer character because I tend to like to fight from afar. The problem with this character is that it cannot fire long range magic. This character is more of a supporting role, healing allies and one’s self but having the destructive ability to kill enemies in groups. However, once mana runs out this character is a goner.

If you really want to enjoy the game, the Warrior class is the way to go considering that in any group party there has to be at least one from this class in order to make a difference in elite mode.

As I mentioned before the game is free. However, you may want to speed certain tasks or stockpile for more ammos, weapons and supplies by purchasing for platinum.

Arcane Legends features pets that aid you in your battle against your enemies. Again, you can purchase more platinum from their store if you want to get those legendary pets in advance as well as other weapons and stuffs.

This game was released surprisingly first for Android. While this game is still new and new features will be added from time to time, I do hope Spacetime Studios will tweak the sorcerer character to let it stand on its own.

I am frustrated that so many warriors in The Village elite mode only end up on Jarl of Brackenridge then teleport someplace else leaving my sorcerer character unable to clear the level and defeat Thunk One-Eye. Just one hit and I am a goner.

Spacetime Studios should make changes to the sorcerer class so that at least even a party group of all sorcerers can be capable of defeating a big boss in elite mode.

Now … download the game, play it and see you there. We might bump into each other somewhere in Kraag.

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