antispam_beeI finally found a good WordPress anti-spam plugin that is free and does not get affected by caching plugins. Try to look for anti-spam plugins int he WordPress admin console and the first few results given to you are not really free.

Sure, they list it as free but once you start using it, it gets problematic and they do not really work flawlessly. Later on, you will find out that the free version is actually crap and you need to buy the license in order to get the plugin working.

Antispam Bee however, is TOTALLY free and straightforward. Just add, install and activate. That’s it!

The plugin itself has quite a number of options to make it flexible according to your choosing. However, if you want to go for the default settings, they still work the way you want it to: block unnecessary comments.

Even if you are using caching plugins it won’t get affected.

Easy and extremely productive spam-fighting plugin with many sophisticated solutions. Try it!

I used to be an avid user of Multiply back when I was not into Flickr and there was still no Facebook. Even when Facebook came to be, I still used Multiply for photo sharing purposes. However, I noticed that when Facebook became a hit, Multiply seemed to be pressured to matching the hype that their competitor has because they overhauled their user interface to make it more like a social networking site rather than a photo sharing site.

Pretty soon, my email gets spammed with a lot of email messages from people whom I do not even know. I accepted the invites to some of them but the others? I do not even know why I receive their emails. It was getting annoying. It did not take long for me to press the REPORT SPAM button in my GMail inbox. And soon after that, I totally ditched Multiply.

Even so, I never liked the new user interface that they introduced. I preferred the old one. The spam emails made it worse.

I just had to post this image when my friend buzzed about it after he got a spam email which read “Be happy and joyful with a 6 inches long banana. Make a lady scream from pleasure”.

Now, would you take the bait if you get one of these spam emails? Ha! Ha!

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