The biggest advantage with a split testing software for me is the fact that you can actually split web traffic on different versions of your site. Visual Website Optimizer is one such tool that enables you to create variations of your site using an easy to use WYSIWYG editor and point and click functionalities.

Using this tool will enable you to shorten the time it takes to go live with your AB Testing whilst reducing your dependency and cost on IT and web development resources. Define what you want your visitors to do like buying, signing up, downloading and others, split traffic amongst the different versions of your site and select the best performing one that you believe will bring in the profits.

If you have doubts on the software’s capability, visit their official website and check out the list of well known Internet portals that make use of such tool. I am sure you have heard of Microsoft, Foursquare, Rackspace, threadless, 99designs and AWeber to name a few.

These companies use the designed experiment approach to make marketing decisions. It is an increasingly common practice as the tools and expertise grows in this area.This tool is not limited for big enterprises alone. Even small to medium size entities can benefit from the results that Visual Website Optimizer brings. Proof of this is that there are many A/B test case studies which show that the practice of testing is increasingly becoming popular.

Check out this software now. You can test drive it for a 30-day trial run, no credit card required. A split testing software can bring many advantages including increase in sales and conversions as well as decrease of bounce rates.

Knowing where your site does wrong if it has a high bounce rate is critical to the success of your business.

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